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What is coaching?

According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), coaching is "a creative and thought-provoking partnership in which the coach supports the client's awareness to achieve their greatest personal and professional potential." Coaching focuses on visioning, success, the present and moving towards the future.

I empower my clients to increase their impact by exploring their beliefs, behaviors and language. Uncovering unconscious patterns helps them to establish new ways of being that bring self awareness, emotional intelligence, confidence and better relationships.

Coaching is not...

  • A remedial 'fix.' It is not about fixing a person or solving their problems

  • Training.  It is not about 'telling' you what to do

  • Advice giving or mentoring

  • Therapy

What is the purpose of coaching?

  • Identify goals and desired outcomes

  • Clarify beliefs and values

  • Enhance ability to learn

  • Find new ways to leverage skills and strengths

What are the benefits of coaching?

  • Sustained behavioral change

  • Increased self-awareness and understanding

  • Values clarification and uncovering hidden beliefs

  • New options for leveraging new skills and strengths

  • Higher levels of empathy

  • Increased motivation at work

  • Better social skills

  • Improved personal balance

  • Increased leadership and management effectiveness

  • Strengthened teambuilding and staff development skills

Is coaching confidential?

Yes, coaching is confidential. Coaches are bound by a code of ethics that requires them to maintain client confidentiality.

How do I know if I'm ready for coaching?

If you are open to feedback and committed to personal growth, you may be a good candidate for coaching. It's important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve through coaching, and to be willing to put in the time and effort required to make meaningful changes.

What is the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment?

The Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) is a powerful assessment that enables leaders to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities.  Forbes Coaches Counsel recommends the ELI as one of 11 Assessments Every Executive Should Take.


Background: An Attitudinal Assessment

In the realm of assessments, there are two main types: Personality and Attitudinal. While personality-based assessments like Myers-Briggs and D.I.S.C. are valuable for understanding individual strengths and weaknesses, the ELI takes a different approach. It is an attitudinal assessment, rooted in an energy/action model. Unlike personality assessments that label and confine individuals to specific traits, the ELI measures your energy levels based on your attitude, perception, and perspective of the world. Since attitude is subjective and can be altered, working with an executive coach utilizing the ELI empowers you to shift your consciousness, enhance your energy, and optimize your leadership effectiveness.

Unleash Your Unlimited Growth Potential

With the ELI, there are no limits to the growth you can achieve. Once you recognize the direct link between your level of consciousness and your actions, you can transcend mere effectiveness and strive for optimal performance.

As part of the ELI assessment and debrief process, you'll discover the 7 levels of leadership and gain insights into the energy distribution within the catabolic-suppressing range and the anabolic-inspirational range. Your assessment findings will be thoroughly debriefed, and you'll receive coaching on how to navigate your way to higher performance.

Elevate Your Leadership: From Ideal Image to Reality

Should you choose to continue with coaching after your ELI debrief, you'll be guided on how to transform into your ideal image of a leader tailored to your unique situation, division, team, and/or company. Through targeted coaching, you'll align your actions with your aspirations, amplifying your leadership impact and achieving remarkable results.

As an executive or entrepreneur, the ELI assessment offers you a transformative opportunity to unlock your leadership potential, elevate your energy, and thrive in your entrepreneurial journey. 


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What is #IAmRemarkable?

#IAmRemarkable was founded by Anna Vainer at Google in 2016. Today, it's a global movement, reaching 450,000 participants and 1,300 companies across 178 countries. It exists to empower everyone, including underrepresented groups, to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond, while challenging the social perception around self-promotion. At the heart of our movement is a 90 minute workshop open to everyone.

During this 90 minute workshop we will:

  • reflect on our own limiting beliefs on self-promotion;

  • share data and research regarding self-promotion and bias;

  • go through the main exercise to help you identify and share your achievements;

  • wrap up with discussion and take home exercises.

The workshop impacts people's lives by helping:

  • 82% feel more confident

  • 89% are more active in self-promotion

  • 49% achieve job/career growth

Why is #IamRemarkable important?

Imposter syndrome. Stereotypes. Culture. For many reasons, lots of us feel uncomfortable sharing our achievements. By amplifying stories and research on the transformative power of self-promotion, we want to inspire every single person to share their accomplishments. 

How can the #IAmRemarkable workshop support your company and employees?

  1.  Drive diversity benefits and allyship by supporting underrepresented groups by getting their voices heard;

  2. Improve motivation and self-confidence by encouraging employees to express their achievements;

  3. Strengthen team cohesion and inclusion by building trust and improving the quality of communication.

If you are interested in bringing #IAmRemarkable to your company, please reach out.


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