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Dr. D Holstine Vander Valk, Founder & CEO, TEEwithD

“Graziella has a coaching superpower: she is able to pinpoint the most powerful question that you need to answer in order to empower yourself and move yourself in the direction you desire. It’s not always easy: she doesn’t shy away from the tough topics, and she will challenge you to examine - and hold yourself accountable for - the choices you make and the things you believe. Hard work, and worth every penny. Can’t recommend more highly!”

Kari R., NY

“Graziella helped get me unstuck. I kept attacking a problem head on, but she made me realize there was usually something deeper and more important I needed to work on. After working on those issues, the original problem started becoming easier and easier to solve. She helped me become less judgmental of my problems, focused me, and explored the possibilities. Graziella is a wonderful coach that will work with you to get you what you need, even if you don't know what that is yet yourself. ”

Elizabeth K., NY

“During my coaching sessions with Graziella, she consistently helped me see beyond my inner voice of self-doubt so I could find productive ways to approach my business challenges. Graziella was a great champion for me and that was the motivation I needed to meet my goals!”

Kristen Wright, TX

“Graziella was instrumental in helping me move forward with my business. Through her coaching, I was able to defeat the fear in my head and move forward on imperatives for my business. I landed my first clients and had a safe place to celebrate success!”

Edmund Settle - Founder, Edmund Settle Executive Coaching

"I had the privilege to have Graziella as my executive coach. Her deep listening skills and perceptive questions guided me to new insights about myself and helped me develop my coaching practice’s value proposition. Through her support, I managed to navigate personal challenges while developing new strategies to build my executive coaching practice further and maintain positive energy and focus. Graziella’s rich work experience and unique skill set allow her to bring a depth of insight to her coaching sessions. I wholeheartedly recommend Graziella to anyone looking for an executive or leadership coach."

Laura J., NY

“Graziella helped me make a difficult decision in my career. She helped me to see that the choices I had were all positive, and to not fear the decision of which path to take. She allowed for a safe space, where I felt comfortable to openly share my past career mistakes, and my fears of future choices; which helped me to feel accepting of my career decisions so far, and have more faith in myself regarding future choices. I found her to be excellent, and I would eagerly go back to her whenever I need help.”

Keaton B., NY

“When I first approached Graziella, I just thought I was in search of career advice. I soon realized that my journey towards professional growth was intrinsically linked with my personal development. By asking the right questions, Graziella acted as a mirror, reflecting back to me some hard truths I had been unable to see. Our sessions provided the safe space I needed to challenge my own negative self-perceptions and ways of thinking. Her coaching propelled me to a place of self-awareness and empowerment and helped me work with more positive energy. All of this ultimately brought me success in my previous role and led to a new opportunity where I have thrived.”
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